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Fuss-free Artisan inspired

Men want great, fuss-free skincare that looks good, feels good on the skin and smells good too. They want simple skin solutions that do the job. Men also look for items that are well designed and finely crafted – quality, artisanal design matters. Enter Heath, fusing tradition with modernity. Pioneering formulations that deliver results fast and without fuss.

Anti-Pollution Formulas

What’s increasingly understood is that every day men’s skin is exposed to an onslaught of environmental aggressors – like daily exposure to Blue Light from digital screens. Heath Moisturiser is formulated with Soliberine® NAT to help protect skin from Blue Light – an absolute necessity in today’s always-switched-on world.

Heath brings together the skincare demands of the busy urban man in a carefully curated range that helps protect skin from external pollution.

Urban Natural Lifestyle

As an antidote to the urban sprawl, men often look to a more natural environment for headspace. And that includes their grooming choices. So, we formulated Heath with high potency natural ingredients and new-generation actives (derived from naturals) in a range that’s ideally suited to the daily skin concerns of the modern urban man.

A Family Story

Heath was founded by a father-and-son team after discussing what they really wanted from a grooming regime after a game of squash. They found that they both wanted products that were simple to use, reasonably priced and well-designed. They had to have great formulations and great fragrances too. And there was the challenge.

The result is Heath. A new British brand. Contemporary whilst appreciating tradition, and not defined by age.