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Matthew Spade, Influencer and blogger, London & Lancashire

Matthew Spade, aka Mat Buckets, is a top influencer and blogger.  His Buckets & Spades blog has been featured in Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs, by fashion expert, Susie Lau.  His honest words on fashion, design and ...
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The summer short-sleeve, the penny loafer… 5 Fashion Trends to Try Now

Fashion for men can be risky.  Easy to get it wrong.  Often, being ahead of the fashion game requires nous and chutzpah.  Case in point an early 70s sartorial vibe that’s starting to emerge from a handful of influential ...
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What to wear to a wedding

The wedding mania that is right now may be over by Sunday, but Harry and Megan’s nuptials herald the start of the wedding season for everyone else.  Question is, what to wear.  Here are some ideas…
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8 Steps to a Smoother Shave

1. Begin with a minute or so under a hot flannel to soften up the skin and beard. Even better, have a hot shower. If skin is cold the beard’s bristles are less flexible which makes a close shave ...
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We’re all well aware of the effect that modern life is having on our bodies. The lung damage caused by breathing in toxic, polluted city air and the impact on our eyes, sleep, posture (and emotional well-being) from living ...
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Ian Matthews is London’s most highly respected barber and one of the UK’s leading experts in men’s grooming. Mr Matthews ran the barber shop at Geo F. Trumper where he set up the world’s first ever shaving and grooming ...
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