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Tom Loxley, Publisher, Kent

Pioneering ‘kitchen table’ publisher, Tom Loxley is co-founder and co-editor of rakesprogress magazine a progressive guide to plants, flowers and gardening.  He lives in Kent with his wife Victoria, also co-editor and their three sons, Sam, Max and Ben.
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Mr Willett, wood carver and furniture maker, East London

Mr Willett, first name Mark, is busy.  By day, he helps run a furniture workshop called Goldfinch, whilst also working for London Reclaimed, a Bermondsey based employment charity of which Goldfinch is a part. ‘We take on young people ...
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Steve Banks, Co-Founder Beast, London

At the heart of a good idea lies an entrepreneur.  Take Steve Banks, co-founder of Beast, the visionary all-men’s beauty store in Covent Garden.  A bona fide ‘Heath Man’ he’ll take a pint in a pub (Guinness) over a ...
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Jonny Storey: Fashion Photographer, London

At 14 Jonny Storey was assisting photographer, Terence Donovan on the iconic Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video.  By 21 he’d nailed his first shoot for Sunday Times Style and his path was set…
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The summer short-sleeve, the penny loafer… 5 Fashion Trends to Try Now

Fashion for men can be risky.  Easy to get it wrong.  Often, being ahead of the fashion game requires nous and chutzpah.  Case in point an early 70s sartorial vibe that’s starting to emerge from a handful of influential ...
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What to wear to a wedding

The wedding mania that is right now may be over by Sunday, but Harry and Megan’s nuptials herald the start of the wedding season for everyone else.  Question is, what to wear.  Here are some ideas…
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Charlie Borrow’s traditionally made leather and canvas bags are designed to be with their owner for a lifetime. He sources from local suppliers and hand makes every piece from his workshop in Shoreditch. Charlie trained in fashion and textiles ...
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Blue Light and Soliberine ® NAT

Heath is about creating skincare solutions that work with the demands of your lifestyle and enhance your skin. Heath Moisturiser, powered with a newly developed ingredient called Soliberine® NAT, is a great example. Here’s why.
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